Submerge With Us

Collaborators Justin Lutsky and Abbey the Everyday Mermaid have combined forces to develop SUBMERGE: A unique set of underwater modeling experiences offered year round in diverse and unique aquatic environments. From our themed studio pool sets, to the untamed beauty of the Florida Springs, and the grandeur of warm tropical ocean waters, they’ll take you on a submersive modeling adventure unlike any other.


Who is this for? Underwater model enthusiasts and professionals alike who want to create stunning underwater art together in the most amazing places. From first timers to experienced pros and seasoned mermaids, working with us will not disappoint! Participants will learn underwater modeling tips, tricks, and techniques, plus have the opportunity to shoot in new and exciting aquatic environments with the support of the SUBMERGE team.


  • Portrait Photography
  • Film Production
  • Modeling / Mermaid Workshops
  • Model Coaching
  • Travel Adventures
  • Content Creation


  • Dive Safety / Water Support
  • Talent Training
  • Mermaid Certification
  • SCUBA Certification

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